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Create a short 60-second video on the theme "You are not Alone" and show someone that you care. You’ll be in the running to win from a $15,000 prize pool!

The video competition by Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation (ASPF) is open to Victorian secondary and tertiary students, individually or in groups.

The top five metro and three regional secondary school videos will be awarded $1,500 each and the top two tertiary videos will be awarded $1,500 each.

Entries open 16.07.2018

Entries close 09.10.2018

Download you are not alone resources here.

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To get help if you’re feeling down or alone, call
LifeLine 13 11 14
Youth Beyond Blue 1300 224 636
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Top 5 Videos


Maggy Sessions

Nathalia Secondary College

An original poem that was written by me Maggy Sessions, I never truly understood the meaning of this poem until entering this competition.


Tai Paulo

Catholic Reginal College Caroline Springs

A young teen has gone through some trouble in school for a very long time. He is about to record his death and share it to the world because he feels that NO ONE cares. Suddenly his fellow family and friends start texting what’s wrong and try to stop the path he’s walking on. He tries to ignore but he’s shocked that people actually care. As he sits in a dark room, feeling lonely. Could there be another way to stop this?


Pascal Rohan (teacher)

Simonds catholic College

As a boy's secondary college, we are aware that male teen suicide sits at a high rate in Australia. We made this video with the theme of "you'll never walk alone" to stress that there is always help available and so you are NOT alone - take the help that's there. We made the video in a set of plain slides to make the message stand out - and not to be too complicated. Keeping it simple helps the message stand out. The singers are two members of our school's "student wellbeing team."



Buckley Park Collage

Here is the 60 second edit, as Rebecca Giarrusso has made me aware the 60 seconds is a requirement. I have previously entered in a 4 minute cut and if you wish to see the full version in better quality, please refer to the link below: My Intention for this film was to shed light on depression by taking inspiration from my own personal struggles, I wanted to incorporate the idea of belonging, failing dreams and a longing for love. Shown through a first-person perspective of the protagonist, I wanted the audience to feel what many others feel. Wrapped in their own personal worlds, I wanted to provide a gentle hand of hope for others facing similar aspects of the experience. Aiming to inspire them to make the most of their life, even if achieving your dreams is “just a distant memory” I hope you enjoy and if in hardship are now open to the world, because “who knows things might turn around”. The music is also originally composed by me.


Lexi Kelloway

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

These words were spoken about loved ones who took their own life. They were not alone then, even if they felt it, and its reminder that you are not alone either. All animations by Lexi Kelloway, Music by Ross Bugden that is licensed under ‘Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License' and is properly attributed as required. Ross has also been informed.


How it works

Its Easy!

Just create a 60-second video on the theme “You are not alone” – either working individually, or as part of a group.

Your video can include interviews, music, acting, art, dance, poetry, graphics… whatever you think will work best, while complying with the guidelines.

All secondary and tertiary students in Victoria are eligible to enter.

Upload your video between 16 July and 9 October, and you’ll be in the running to win from a $15,000 prize pool.

Along the way we’ll also be giving out free tickets to Village Cinemas to the makers of our favourite video entered each week.

Join the conversation. #yourarenotalonecomp


1. Your video:

  • Must not contain material that may cause offense e.g. is racist, sexist, homophobic etc
  • Must not describe in detail or directly show suicide or self-harm
  • Must reference the theme “You’re not alone”

2. You are allowed to enter more than one video.

3. You can enter individually or as a group.

4. Entries open on 16 July 2018 and close on 9 October 2018.

5. All videos will be screened by the Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation and will have an approval slide added.

6. Your video, once approved will appear on the Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation Facebook page, with select videos appearing on the website.

7. Winners will be announced in late October

8. Your email address will not be shared with third parties

9. Please ensure all people appearing in your video are aware that it will be made public, and that the Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation will be able to use it as they see fit in any format or forum.

Note: For further information refer to Mindframe’s guidelines.

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